Mathematica Workshops


Summer 2016 (Registration is now open)

Winter 2016

Introduction to Mathematica

The workshop assumes no prior knowledge of Mathematica or the Wolfram Language but assumes some basic fluency with computers. Mathematica can be used to perform a very diverse set of computations, create dynamic visualizations, and publish reports, create assignments, accurate diagrams and graphs. This workshop is intended to teach its participants how to perform some of these tasks as they pertain to college-level math classes. Instructors will use some of what they learn to create engaging lesson modules that can be used during class presentations or used outside of the classroom by their students. Instructors will also acquire enough skills and knowledge to guide their own students to use Mathematica to solve problems relevant to their coursework as class projects and/or extended homework assignments.

General Description

These workshops are for instructors (full-time and part-time) currently working at one of the nine-campuses of LACCD. The workshop will be of interest for an STEM instructor but is primarily geared towards mathematics instructors teaching college-level classes (trigonometry, precalculus, calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, numerical analysis, discrete mathematics).

One of the major outcomes of this workshop is to create an online and open repository of materials, created using Mathematica, both during the workshops and beyond the workshops. Instructors will use the newly acquired skills and knowledge and apply it in their teaching. The goal of this is to share these materials with other instructors and develop a constant opportunity to share ideas.